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Jewish Arbitration and Mediation Service (‘JAMS’) is a service to assist people and organisations in the Jewish Communities of Australia by facilitating the resolution of commercial and civil disputes.

JAMS facilitates mediation and a range of arbitration models and will assist parties to identify which is the more appropriate process for their dispute.

JAMS objective is to work with the parties to resolve their disputes in a way that is compliant with Jewish law and process is complies and outcomes enforceable with the Australian legal systems.

JAMS strives to save parties time and money in a confidential setting and which seeks to be consistent with both Jewish and secular law.

Rabbinic Arbitrations
JAMS has entered into an MOU with the Beth Din Nesivos Chaim of Jerusalem who will provide highly qualified English speaking Dayanim to hear cases remotely, where Rabbinic arbitration is appropriate and consented to by the parties. These Dayanim are very much aware of the need to comply with Australian local laws concerning the validity of arbitral awards and are of course independent. Each Rabbinic Arbitration, with the consent of the parties, will have available to it legal counsel for the purpose of seeking compliance with and understanding of local law.

For a fuller insight as to the need for our service and the role it performs please see the article by Graham Segal and Michael Frankel which was published in the Australian Jewish News by clicking here.

Honorary Consultants: Marcus Jacobs QC and Dayan Rubanowitz, Dayan at Beis Din Nesivos Chaim in Mattesforf
Nussen Ainsworth LL.B (Hons) / Lecturer in Law, Victoria University / LIV accredited specialist in mediation

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